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Visitors to Green Lakes State Park are now able to see how the former boathouse has been transformed into an Environmental Educaiton Center, as part of millions of dollars poured into park renovations.  State and local officials were joined Friday by Salem Hyde school students to help cut the ribbon.

You might have seen evidence of the 13 million dollars the state poured into Green Lakes State Park.  Protecting the park itself was one of the key goals.  Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey explains water runoff that was fouling the pristine lakes has been diverted.

When you think about the music being played in Central New York, what comes to mind? Jazz? Blues? maybe a little Reggae? Well how about chamber music? It might not be on the top of your list yet, but it is being perofrmed and fans are showing up to hear it.

This week on The 315 Joe Lee and Kevin Kloss are joined by Matt van der Meer, Assistant Professor at Syracuse University and Director of the Syracuse Friends of Chamber Music. He educates us on what exactly is chamber music, where is it being played, and we hear some of his favorite composition.

That's this week on The 315!


This past Tuesday WAER aired the first of a special four part series from American Public Media  examining the current state of education. Scientific research has shown how children learn to read and how they should be taught. But many educators don't know the science and, in some cases, actively resist it. As a result, millions of kids are being set up to fail.

Listen to the first part of this series below, and then join WAER each remaining Tuesday in October at 7pm for the rest of APM Reports: Focused on Education.

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The upstate New York event management company hired to book and market non-fair events at the state fairgrounds is ready to debut its first horse show next week at the new Expo Center.  HITS entertainment President and CEO Tom Struzzieri hopes to build upon the success of other equine shows they put on across the country.

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Syracuse City officials say they too are mourning the loss of a 12-year-old boy tragically shot and killed on John Street Wednesday night.  They’re now asking for community support to provide information and band together to stop the violence. 


What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word evolution? For most of us it's probably the name of well known naturalist Charles Darwin. And it would be correct to attribute some of the credit to Darwin. But, it would be incorrect to credit Darwin alone. Dr. Marvin Druger explains how the theory came to be this week on Science on the Radio

The Onondaga County Water Authority (OCWA) is assuring customers that they're tryng to get out in front of water problems, such as is failing infrastructure and toxic threats to water quality.  But their investments in safe and secure water will have an impact on water bills in the future.

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What are the business implications behind mergers of communicaitons giants?  How has coverage of sexual harassment scandals of media figures and the #MeToo movement impacted victims who consider coming forward?  And what about White House coverage in an age of sometimes-illusive truth?  David Folkenflik gets to ask - and answer - those questions as Media Correspondent for NPR.  

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About 30 students from Syracuse’s Institute of Technology got a taste Wednesday of what can go wrong when a squirrel gets caught up in power lines. wasn't a real squirrel, but the look-alike did cause a component to blow, startling the students and other observers.

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The Syracuse City School District has reached an agreement with city government to hire  – and pay for – police officers to serve as School Resource Officers.