Hundreds Show Up to Hotel Syracuse Job Fair Tuesday Morning

Feb 3, 2015

Construction fences around Hotel Syracuse hint at upcoming renovation. A job fair Tuesday attracted hundreds for demolition and asbestos removal jobs.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

  A crowd of about 600 hopeful workers showed up today to the first job fair hosted by the company renovating the Hotel Syracuse. David Major of Liverpool says he needs the job and would be glad to be back downtown.

“I’d love to work here.  This is a historic place.  I’ve been to weddings here and things, very nice place.  I think it’s good for the city that they’re doing it.  I used to work at the Oncenter- War Memorial.  I’ve always been downtown; downtown’s great.  I love it down here.”

Laurie Lathrop came in from Oswego...and would be happy to help restore the historic structure.

“To be able to bring this back to life, and have a hand in it, means a lot to me.  Anybody that wants to improve the community, I’m all for it.” 

Meanwhile Winifred Davis has lived in Syracuse all his life ...and the job might help him get things turned around for himself.

“My life, it would turn my life around.  I really need to get things I can’t afford back on track, household and everything else, get off of welfare, and just work.”

The first phase of renovating the Hotel Syracuse could start in 2-3 weeks.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

  This group of future employees will be working on demolition and asbestos removal before the actual renovations can take place. Chad Parks, Director of Business Development for ERSI, is looking for a workforce of people from the community.

“It’s putting local people to work that need it with good paying jobs.  Everyone that’s been here has been very eager.  Everyone’s come well prepared with their certifications if they have it, with their resumes.  So it’s a big deal to give back to the community and allow them to come in and be part of a historic renovation project.”

Parks says work on this first phase should begin in two to three weeks.