Local Foundation Asks Community To Help The Connective Corridor

Sep 27, 2013

Community leaders may have  an answer to the dilemma of funding maintenance costs for the Connective Corridor. 

"Who will care for me?" Connective Corridor construction on East Genesee Street
Credit ©2013 Chris Bolt/WAER News

The  Central New York Community Foundation has created a Beautification Fund that will collect donations for corridor beautification projects.

“This particular fund is distinct because it’s going to support civic improvement which is a new and interesting way of providing for all of our public benefit,” said Community Foundation president Peter Dunn.

The bike lane that runs down University Avenue from Waverly Avenue to East Genesee Street
Credit ©2013 Chris Bolt/WAER News

The fund might come as a relief to many local business owners who were facing a hefty assessment fee for corridor maintenance before the common council voted it down.   Dunn sees the corridor as a wonderful civic face for Syracuse and a vast improvement of the streetscape.

“Folks who go along the corridor see it every day and experience it and we all have a motivation to keep it up and to keep it fresh. It’s a gateway for the city,” said Dunn.

He says there isn’t a specific fundraising goal for the fund and any amount is welcome.  Dunn sees the fund as a template that can then be replicated in other neighborhoods.   All contributions are voluntary and can be made online at cnycf.org