Onondaga County Democratic Committee Chair Reacts to Perez-Williams Mayoral Primary Victory

Sep 13, 2017

Syracuse Mayoral Candidate Juanita Perez-Williams
Credit File photo / John Smith/WAER News

What’s next for the Democratic Committee of Onondaga County after their designated candidate for Syracuse Mayor lost Tuesday's primary?  Committee Chair Mark English feels the outcome doesn’t mean that the committee was off course in their thinking.

“No, I don’t think it was a miscalculation and I don’t think it’s going to be any problem for most Democrats to turn their attention and their devotion and support to Juanita.”

English says he plans to fully support Juanita Perez-Williams in November who won 52 percent of the vote to Joe Nicoletti’s 34 percent.  He hopes that members of his party will do the same.

“Our party is the party of community; the party of people coming together for common purpose and she certainly struck a chord among Democratic voters. We’re proud of her (Perez-Williams) and glad to support her and we’re gonna give her all of our support.”

Onondaga County Democratic Committee Chair, Mark English.
Credit Onondaga Democratic Committee Website.

Although, he thought it would be a closer race, he praises Perez-Williams with running what he calls a brilliant campaign.  He also credits her impressive resume and her willingness to campaign door to door.  Syracuse has a diverse population of immigrants and is known as a Sanctuary City.  English thinks the results of the primary could also be representative of the party’s acceptance of others.

“We always have been in the forefront of social and economic justice and inclusiveness.  And we certainly can’t get away from that.  And Juanita carried that with great distinction. And yes, it’s something we can’t abandon and turn away from.  We have to be inclusive.”

Perez-Williams will face several other candidates in November including Republican Laura Lavine, and Green Party Candidate Howie Hawkins.  Ben Walsh will also appear on the Independence, Reform and Upstate party lines.  It's still unknown as to whether or not Joe Nicoletti will continue campaigning as he will appear on the Working Family's Party line.  Marty Masterpole plans to finish his term as City Auditor.