Solarize Syracuse Helps Double Residental Solar Power in Syracuse Area

Nov 13, 2014

An offer to “go solar” through a low-cost program has resulted in 70 Onondaga County homeowners placing energy saving solar panels on their rooftops. 

Property owners in over 70 Onondaga County homes used the Solarize Syracuse program to put solar panels such as these on their homes.
Credit (c) John Smith, WAER.

The time to enroll for Solarize Syracuse has passed; but the CNY Regional Planning and Development Board’s Chris Carrick says there are still ways to save.

“So, the federal tax credit is currently 30%, and it’s scheduled to go down to 10% by the end of 2016. So this is a great time for folks to go solar if they’re thinking about it,” Carrick said Thursday.

Carrick says Solarize Syracuse will continue to work with customers who had signed up before the deadline.  He predicts the neighbors of those who have signed up will eventually join in the growing solar energy movement.  

The city of Syracuse, as well as the surrounding areas of DeWitt, Manlius and Fayetteville were eligible for the program.  

Syracuse resident and Solarize Syracuse client Dianne Swords proudly holds a solar energy sign in front of her home.
Credit (c) John Smith, WAER.

Syracuse resident Dianne Swords had a solar panel system installed that would have cost $10,000 if not for the program. However, by utilizing the incentives, it will only cost about $3,300.  Now, she is eager to check out her power meter.

Even on a day like today you can see the meter running backwards. Basically, the energy that’s received is greater than the energy that’s put out. So, we’re very hopeful. You know, when people say we need to have carbon fuels or we need to have nuclear power to live, it just is being proved that we can live without those,” Swords said.

Even before adding the panels, Swords mentioned her household had been careful about using too much energy.  The program’s organizers are hopeful that this grassroots program will return to the Syracuse area someday.