What is City Limits?

Nov 29, 2017

What Is City Limits?

In short, City Limits is a year-long multi-platform civic engagement project produced by WAER Public Media that examines and explores poverty in Syracuse.

It is a mix of journalism, storytelling and community convening designed to spark a community-wide dialogue between individuals, organizations, and community constituencies. Each episode of this podcast project will challenge assumptions on poverty and highlight one of the many poverty related issues ranging from food insecurity, to economic development, to affordable housing and more. 


  About WAER      

WAER is the non-commercial FM radio station owned and operated by Syracuse University. As a NPR member station, WAER serves approximately 36,000 weekly listeners with NPR news and information on its FM and HD channels at 88.3 FM, 2,600 weekly listeners via audio streaming, and 10,000 weekly web visitors at waer.org.


Where Can I Find City Limits Content?

Thanks to a generous community grant from the Central New York Community Foundation, all audio 

content will be stored and available on demand at a dedicated web site at www.Citylimitsproject.org. The site will include community resource listings, information on how to get involved, and a quiz to test your knowledge and challenge your assumptions on poverty. Additionally, audio stories will be delivered through the iTunes Podcast platform, NPR’s NPR One app, the WAER mobile app, a dedicated Facebook page, Youtube, and available on waer.org.