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The Onondaga County School Safety Task Force is planning ahead for a day they hope never happens… an active school shooter situation.  They’re offering a report which suggests crisis prevention and intervention for local school districts. 


Prosecutors in New York State might soon find themselves under a bit more scrutiny if the Governor signs a bill by a local state Senator that was approved by the legislature.  But how it might help ensure justice?  


Fans of Syracuse University Sports will have to make some changes the next time they go to see a game on campus.  WAER’s Chris Bolt explains how officials are trying to educate the public about new security measures.


Beaches in Skaneateles are still closed as experts continue to test the algal blooms for toxins.  As a precaution, Clift Park and Skaneateles Country Club have been off limits since Tuesday.  Onondaga County public health official Jeff Till hopes lab results will be ready for Wednesday but he says information should be available by this weekend at the latest.  

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Syracuse’s high poverty rate means many households don’t own or have access to a car.  That can limit job searches to areas reached by foot, bike, bus, or a combination of the three, making it difficult for someone in poverty to find work.  

In this episode of City Limits Scott Willis explores how the area’s transit system and infrastructure works for those trying to get around without a car, and ways they might be improved.

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Four hundred families in Syracuse will have a bit of an easier time getting their kids to school fed and ready to learn this year thanks to a partnership between Feed the Children and PriceRite. The Feeding Minds and Bodies campaign is offering crucial food, personal care, and school supplies to 100 families in need from each of the City school district’s four middle schools. 

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  Governor Andrew Cuomo has made the rounds of national news programs now that he has become the target of a lawsuit by the National Rifle Association.  Cuomo, a gun control advocate, is asking other states to join him in fighting what he says is an “extremist” organization. The NRA says it’s Cuomo who has a political “vendetta” against the group that could lead to its demise.


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The Syracuse Peace Council organized marchers to take to the streets of Downtown Syracuse on Monday in a local procession honoring the 73 year anniversary of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in August, 1945.


The state education department has announced it made an error in the distribution of some federal funding that favored the state’s charter schools over public schools.

Scott Willis / WAER News

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand used a stop at the former Hotel Syracuse Friday to point out the important role of federal historic preservation dollars in revitalizing older buildings.  She was celebrating the success she and senate colleagues had in including nearly 89 million dollars in the upcoming budget for department of interior’s historic preservation fund.