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The visit of Ivanka Trump to the P-Tech program at Syracuse’s I-T-C school did not go unnoticed by demonstrators who wanted to protest immigration and education policy.  Rae Kramer was there to oppose Trump Administration border actions she calls cruel and racist.  And she believes Ms. Trump could persuade her father on the issue.


Two State lawmakers from Central New York have a difference of opinion as to why the State Budget hasn’t been finalized.  Monday, the Legislature voted in favor of a budget extender to keep the government operational through May.  Assemblymember Al Stirpe said it’s conceivable that the Assembly could print-out budget bills and wrap-up the budget process.  He feels both sides have already met in the middle.

Chris Bolt/WAER News

Public Schools started this week…and one Central New York school is trying to pack in much more than the Core Curriculum.  Cleveland Elementary in Oswego County has a commitment to “Character Education.”