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Former Speaker of the New York State Assembly Sheldon Silver was sentenced to seven years in prison Friday after being convicted for a second time on federal corruption charges.

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More than 160 Artists have transformed downtown Syracuse into a five -block art gallery, as the 48th annual Arts and Crafts Festival is underway.  Alice Maggiore with the Downtown Committee says Syracuse residents seize this opportunity to express their love of the arts.

"This weekend gives us the change really draw attention to that.  Everyone here knows that's the case year round.  But sometimes they need a big event to rally around, to celebrate, and to make that really known.  This brings the  community together”                                          

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The Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University is hosting nearly 30 veterans this week to learn some valuable tips on how to start-up or expand their businesses.  For nine days, the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans or EBV introduces participants on all aspects of securing financing to the operations side of running a business smoothly.  Director Misty Stutsman says veterans often lack the social circles to launch a start-up.

TCG Player Unveils Plans for Innovative Headquarters in the Galleries Downtown

Jul 26, 2018
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TCG Player is expanding its downtown office in the Galleries of Syracuse this summer into a headquarters like you’ve never seen before.  The tech start-up will be renovating 44,000 square feet into an open floor, fantasy themed space complete with an enormous dragon hanging overhead with a two-story slide for a tail.

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Farmers in Central New York and across the state say they’re feeling the pinch of retaliatory tariffs placed on some of their products in the escalating trade war with the U.S.  They welcome the $12 billion aid package offered by the Trump Administration, but worry the damage may be permanent.

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Students across the country will have more resources to develop technical skills vital for the 21st century workforce, thanks to a bipartisan bill passed unanimously in the senate Monday night.

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Students and staff at Franklin Elementary School in Syracuse unveiled a brand new playground with a ribbon cutting Tuesday morning, complete with a countdown.

Onondaga County

A Camillus man already accused of killing three people in a car accident near O-C-C early this year had his bail option revoked Monday from a new arrest this weekend.  31 year-old Anthony Saccone is facing several charges, including reckless driving, after police say he performed a burn-out in a car driving on a suspended license, and had been drinking. 

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Governor Cuomo’s economic development programs have been the subject of two federal corruption trials that ended with convictions for two of Cuomo’s former associates.  Some say problems with the state’s $9 billion economic development programs  go beyond  corruption, and  that the structure of the  programs  is flawed.

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The 48 custom lanes have been dismantled and the Oncenter is definitely much quieter after the U.S. Bowling Congress packed up and left town last week.