Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says it’s time for the president to act to protect the state’s dairy farmers. Between dropping milk prices, unfair Canadian trade practices, and the escalation of trade wars with many US trading partners, Gillibrand says dairy farmers in New York and nationwide are finding themselves unable to stay afloat.

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Anyone who goes to the New York State Fair knows there’s no shortage of food, games, rides, shows, music, and other activities.  There’s also no lack of elected officials or candidates seeking office.  Friday was no exception, as senator Kirsten Gillibrand stopped by the wine seminar room in the horticulture building, probably much to the surprise of the other guests.

"Thank you all so much.  Let's have our wine tasting!"

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Students across the country will have more resources to develop technical skills vital for the 21st century workforce, thanks to a bipartisan bill passed unanimously in the senate Monday night.

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Many Central New Yorkers worry about the costs of prescription drugs – whether that’s for prescriptions you’re now taking or medications you might need in the future.  Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has a proposal to stop whet she’s calling ‘price gouging.’

The setting of a health care institution – Crouse hospital – served as the backdrop for Kirsten Gillibrand to announce her plan to keep prescription drug prices as affordable as possible.  She notes the average cost of medications jumped 9-percent last year, four times inflation. 

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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says she has an idea that could help dairy farmers struggling with historically low milk prices.  Last week, we brought you the story of a fourth generation Skaneateles dairy farmer who’s considering shutting down.  The senator’s legislation would create a new price floor for milk.

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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says she has a bi-partisan solution to improve access to job training programs that could help New Yorkers land better-paying jobs.  Companies in Central New York and elsewhere often say they have openings, but can’t find workers with the skills they need.

Sen. Gillibrand says 5.8 million jobs nationwide go unfilled because of a shortage of workers with in-demand skills.  But she says simply telling workers to get training misses the larger picture.

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Senator Gillibrand said today that she has visited all of New York’s counties. She said a need she has seen over and over is a way for small businesses to have better access to capital, specifically micro loans, but business that are just starting out often times don’t have the credit to get loans from the bank.

People here in Central New York are concerned about the welfare of relatives and others in Puerto Rico.  New York is also the state with the most immigrants from the island, which is fueling relief efforts.  Syracuse University’s Bea Gonzales is from Cayey, Puerto Rico and has been trying to find out about her Father and Aunt there.  She’s heard they’re o-k, but hasn’t talked to either one.  In addition to impassable roads and no power, there’s another gripping problem.

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A State Attorney General report released today shows that 74 percent of crime guns seized by authorities from 2010 to 2015 originated from other states. “Target on Trafficking” traces where nearly 53,000 guns came from.  Syracuse is one of seven markets where 90 percent of the guns were found.  Eric Schneiderman says out of 86 percent of illegal hand guns used by violent criminals… nearly nine out of every ten come from other states. 

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  Senator Kirsten Gillibrand chose Fayetteville’s connection to women’s rights as a place to announce her bill to promote the anniversary of women’s suffrage.  She’d like to see more attention to the centennial of women’s right to vote, which comes around in 2020.  Gillibrand says the voting rights struggle is connected to women’s issues today.