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Svante Myrick Resigning As Mayor Of Ithaca For National Nonprofit Position

Svante Myrick is talking in the Badge of Honor Association Ceremony.
Mark H. Anbinder/

Svante Myrick announced he will resign from his job as mayor of Ithaca and take over a national nonprofit position next month.

He will serve as Executive Director of People For the American Way alongside president Ben Jealous to protect the right for the public to vote. In a post on Facebook, Myrick said he believes his “service can make a difference in the national conversation on voting and elections.”

Myrick was born into homelessness and raised by a single mother. He credits the American democratic experiment as the reason he was able to Cornell.

“I want to protect that American dream for people of all backgrounds,” said Myrick.

Myrick was the longest serving mayor in Ithaca’s history. Laura A. Lewis will assume the Office of Mayor on February 7th. Lewis has most recently served on the Ithaca Eviction/Displacement Defense Project and represents Ithaca’s 5th Ward.