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Syracuse Community Remembers January 6th Attack On US Capitol With Vigil

Mike Greenlear
People listens to speakers while holding signs as they stand in front of the Federal Building in Syracuse. © Photo by Mike Greenlar 2022.

A group of non-partisan individuals gathered outside the US Federal Building in Syracuse Thursday afternoon to mark one year since the attack on our nation’s Capitol. Christine Wood joined the candlelight vigil and is a member of Public Citizen. She feels we should never forget the facts of what happened in our nation’s capital one year ago, and how it happened.

“Armed right-winged militants attacked our capitol and tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election and that fraction of elected officials turned their backs and refused to stand up, direct a big lie, and turned around and tried to block an investigation in their role in the violence,” Wood said.

Wood and others say the reality is that our country’s democracy remains under attack and it’s a reason to speak up about the truth of what happened that day. They also cite concern over the actions of lawmakers in red states who are attempting, and in some cases, successfully passing legislation to strip away voting rights.

Another participant is Tom Keck of Indivisible NY-24 and a Professor of Political Science at SU’s Maxwell School. He said the country remains very divided about how to remember the events of last year.

“We think the way to remember is as a horrifying and outrageous assault on our democracy and on a fault that in many ways is still continuing, right. I mean Donald Trump continues to avoid the big lie about the November 2020 election and his supporters have continued to undermine free and fair elections in our country.” Keck said.

Vigil participants want legislation passed on the federal level to ensure a similar attack never happens again, or any attempt to tamper or block the fair outcome of any Presidential or federal elections. The Syracuse vigil at the Federal building is one of about 150 across the US.