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Monster winter storm to mostly miss CNY but road safety is still a concern


Tonight, a large snowstorm will hit Southern New York. While the storm will only give the Central New York area light snowfall, slippery roads and high wind chills have already started to affect local highways.

"The driving at times can change from driving in clear conditions, dry roads, to the next minute it could change to heavy snowfall and low visibility," said New York State Trooper Jack Keller.

A snowmobile driver in Oswego was killed in a crash on Thursday, and a state trooper was rear-ended in Cicero Wednesday night. Keller reminds drivers to slow down and move over for other drivers, especially during the winter weather.

"I think most would agree that speeding seems to be a leading contributing factor to most of the crashes," said Keller.

Binghamton National Weather Service Meteorologist Jake Chalupsky reiterated that drivers need to take it slow.

"When the roads start to get wet and slick, you want to drop your speed. You need some reaction time."

He also recommends giving three car spaces between you and other drivers and avoid going out during storms.