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Syracuse residents bring out the shovels

Central New York residents are digging themselves out of the snow today, and two more inches are expected this afternoon — that’s on top of the 5 already on the ground.

Syracuse resident Chrissy Sen said she and her husband started shoveling before the sun was up.

“We got up bright and early about 3 a.m. and we came into the University area to plow and shovel for our tenants. We do their driveways, walkways, and steps," Sen said.

For the safety considerations, Syracuse University and SUNY ESF even delayed classes until 10 a.m.

That gave ESF student Cisco Delliquadri time to earn some quick cash.

"I’m making money for shoveling snow so that’s good — didn’t have to go to my first class, that’s nice," Delliquadri said.

The snow showers are expected to make their way out of Central New York by Saturday morning.