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CNY residents can get a mountain-side seat as volunteer for NY Special Olympics

Martin Lindner
Wikimedia Commons

Hundreds of athletes and coaches are heading to Central New York for the state's 2022 Special Olympics this weekend. Syracuse is hosting the winter games that are set to kickoff on Friday.

But Special Olympics New York President and CEO Stacey Hengsterman said they are still in need of more volunteers.

“Maybe a little trickier because we are looking for vaccinated volunteers in most areas and people haven’t been signing up to do as much."

Local venues are participating in hosting the event with six sports: snowboarding, snowshoeing, alpine skiing, figure skating, floor hockey and nordic skiing.

"It's fierce competition," Hengsterman said. "We have seen those who are expected to get the gold medal, something happened and they fall back to third or fourth, so you see the drama of the Olympics."

Hengsterman said volunteers are especially needed on mountain slopes for skiing and snowboarding but are in need of help for all locations.