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No, it’s not normal to feel intense grief for more than a year

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Prolonged grief disorder is now officially listed in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. A Syracuse University psychologist said this means people suffering from the disorder can now receive doctor recommended accommodations.

Someone can be diagnosed with prolonged grief disorder if they’ve experienced intense grief for more than one year. For children, it’s longer than six months.

SU's Afton Kapuscinski doesn’t know exactly why those were the chosen time frames, but she admits there’s been a need to better address the condition.

"These people are suffering badly, and I think that’s one of the reasons that those who were proponents of it were pushing hard because they’re aware that there’s a small subset of people who experience this intense prolonged grief reaction. It probably like 10% who lost a close loved one."

Researchers found anti-depressants didn't relieve symptoms for those diagnosed, however grief-targeted therapy did relieve symptoms.

Raven Brink is a California native and works as a student news reporter as well as is a new addition to the podcasts produced at WAER. Her career goals are to become a TV or radio producer or a radio reporter/host.