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With firework sales at an all-time high, here's what you need to know this 4th of July

 A firework explodes in the air.
A firework explodes in the air.

Independence Day is coming up and people are well stocked up on fireworks. A recent American Pyrotechnics Association report shows sales reached an all-time high.

Executive Director Julie Heckman says the numbers from last year are staggering.

“Consumer sales, never seen anything like it. Industry revenue went from $1 billion to $2.2 billion,” Heckman said.

Fourth of July celebrations are also when most fireworks injuries occur among kids. But the association noted injuries are decreasing even as use is increasing. Heckman said injuries can be prevented with common-sense precautions like her own parents enforced.

“I have two siblings, we had to stay on the sidewalk, and we had to be about six feet apart. Each one of us with just one sparkler at a time where we could, you know wave it around. We did it, and we did it safely,” Heckman said.

To stay safe, the association says people should keep water nearby and avoid leaning over fireworks. Discharged ones should stay untouched for 20 minutes and then be submerged in water.