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Passage of Senate "chips" bill brings Central New York closer to new manufacturing opportunities

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Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board
White Pine Commerce Park in Onondaga County could be one of the sites to benefit from the semiconductor chip legislation. The County has been marketing the property as a prime location for a chip plant.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer is celebrating the passage of a bill in the Senate that aims to boost tech manufacturing in the U.S. Schumer has long advocated for the bill and says the legislation could lead to transformative economic development opportunities for the region.

“I wrote this bill with the future of Upstate New York in mind. The bill creates $50 billion in federal incentives to bring semiconductor manufacturing back to the U.S. And guess what place in America is most suited to get these plants? Upstate New York. There are places in Albany, Syracuse, Western New York that have shovel ready sites that the big tech companies are already looking at,” Schumer said.

White Pine Commerce Park is one of these sites. It's been vacant for years, but this legislation is expected to lure a buyer who can convert the property into a semi-conductor chip plant. Schumer said he expects the legislation to overwhelmingly pass in the House of Representatives.