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Debt relief offered to former ITT students

ITT Technical Institute Canton, Michigan campus, cropped.
Dwight Burdette
Wikimedia Commons
ITT Technical Institute Canton, Michigan campus, cropped.

The State Attorney General says the US Department of Education has issued $78 million in federal student loan debt relief from ITT Educational Services. Approximately 4,400 former students in the State who attended ITT between 2005 to September 2016 now have their loans discharged.

ITT operated a campus here in Syracuse and also in nearby Albany and Buffalo. AG Tish James filed a group discharge application in 2021 with other states. It’s part of a much larger $3.9 billion in group debt relief where ITT operated in other states.

James said in a statement that students who pursue an advanced degree to open up their career possibilities shouldn’t be viewed “as cash-cows by disreputable, for-profit colleges.”

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