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Syracuse mayor to roll out 2023 plans in State of the City address

Mayor Ben Walsh speaks to an audience at a WAER event.
Mayor Ben Walsh speaks to an audience at a WAER event.

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh is preparing for his State of the City Thursday evening. The annual address lays out city priorities for the upcoming year.

At his 2022 address, Walsh announced a new office to combat gun violence, and outlined how he planned to spend more than $120 million in federal relief funds. But this year, Syracuse University’s faculty fellow in political science and religion, Mark Brockway, said residents can probably expect to hear a lot about one topic: Micron.

"My expectation is that the creation of the Micron plant will be a an overarching kind of solution to a lot of the city's different individual problems, or at least that's what the mayor is going to tout," Brockway said.

He said the mayor’s choice of venue may also be a clue to his agenda—the event is scheduled at Corcoran High School.

"That choice of venue is actually very political," Brockway said. "Is the mayor trying to signal in this case that he values education and then he's taking Syracuse City Schools seriously?"

The mayor’s 2023 State of the City is set to begin at 5:30 p.m. WAER will air the State of the City live on 88.3 FM or check back here to watch the video stream.

Tarryn Mento is an award-winning digital, audio and video journalist with experience reporting from Arizona, Southern California, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Tarryn produces in-depth and investigative content for WAER while overseeing the station's student reporter experience. She is also an adjunct professor at Syracuse University.