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Onondaga water authority gives tips on how to stop freezing pipes

A small pile of snow sits on the ground outside a building.
Andrew MacBeath
Snow and cold can cause damage to any building's water sources and plumbing, OCWA states.

The Onondaga County Water Authority is suggesting some helpful hints to safeguard your pipes from freezing during with the frigid cold temperatures forecast through Saturday.

It’s good idea to allow cold water to drip from faucets that have exposed pipes, the agency said. Water officials also suggest people consider leaving fixture cabinets open such as kitchens and bathrooms where pipes may run along the outside walls.

They say it's also important to survey your basement for any outside air that could be leaking inside nearby water pipes and add extra insulation, and if you lower your thermostat while not at home, they it’s best not to set it any lower than 55 degrees to ensure pipes won’t freeze or burst.

The agency said frozen pipes inside properties are the responsibility of property owners. Ratepayers can call OCWA with any questionsat 315-455-7061.

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