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Cazenovia College athletes unsure of future ahead of the school's imminent closing

A hallway with white floor has a wooden feature with pictures attached to it on its right side. The words Hall of Fame are hung on the wall above the wooden wall feature.
Robbie Munch
Cazenovia College honors a number of its athletes with a Hall of Fame on its campus. February 2023.

Students athletes at shuttering Cazenovia College are still planning their next move as the school is set to close this spring after nearly 200 years.

Cazenovia College’s newest athletes train on the treadmill ahead of the school’s inaugural track season. But it’ll also be their last as the nearly 200-year-old school announced in December it would close at the end of this semester. 

The team’s associate athletic director Bill Houser said the timing is heartbreaking—especially for runners who enrolled last fall just for the spring track season. He hopes the athletes will get some attention early this season to get opportunities elsewhere.  

  "Some of them actually came here for track," Houser said. "So, to get them to go to a couple of track meets and have some of the other coaches see what they can do might help get them into those schools."

But other Wildcats said school officials have been less supportive. Sophomore soccer player Vincent Manco said he and his teammates have turned to each other and other colleges for help with recruiting.  

"A little more effort and trying to help us would've gone a long way, or just some communication at the end," Manco said. "I think we banded together as students and friends and athletes and did the work together."

Cazenovia has partnered with several institutions in the surrounding area to provide easier transitions out of the college than the traditional transfer process. Houser appreciates the support these local schools have for one another. 

"I think that everyone kind of looks out for each other and wants us to stay in that position if we can, and continue to help the students out further," Houser said.

Cazenovia College did not respond to a request for comment regarding their communications with student athletes by the time the story aired.