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Last hunting season was one of the safest on record

A dog and a person holding a gun follow a bird in a grassy field.
Sam Tarling
NAVHDA Finger Lakes Chapter Carey Killion & dog Sally hunting in Genesee County, NY. August 2018.

New York had one of the safest hunting seasons on record in 2022.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is reporting this week it investigated 9 hunting related shootings last year. Five of those were self-inflicted, including one death. The shooters in each incident were all experienced hunters, but the agency says all 9 could’ve been prevented if safe hunting rules had been followed.

The agency said the low number is a tie with the safest year on record, which was 2021.

The department also investigated 13 incidents of falling from a tree stand or elevated hunting location in 2022. Four people died. A news release from the agency said safety harnesses were used in two of the 13 incidents.