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Court order temporarily blocks arrival of migrants from NYC

 A judges gavel.
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New York City committed to not bringing migrants to Onondaga County until after the issue is resolved in court

New York City has agreed not to send any migrants to Salina for the time being.

According to, city officials told the Onondaga County Attorney they will abide by a temporary restraining order that the state Supreme Court granted Tuesday.

The current crisis has led to overcrowded shelters in New York, which intended to relocate some 200 migrants to a Salina hotel.

Onondaga County officials have also barred all hotel, motels and owners of multiple dwellings in the county from accepting any migrants.

A ruling to lift the temporary restraining order — or make it permanent — may come at the end of this week.

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Natasha Senjanovic teaches radio broadcasting at the Newhouse School while overseeing student journalists at WAER and creating original reporting for the station. She can also be heard hosting All Things Considered some weekday afternoons.