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New York State begins 10th Invasive Species Awareness Week

Team manages invasive species in New York State.
Zachery Simek
New York Invasive Species (IS) Information
Team manages invasive species in New York State.

The 10th annual Invasive Species Awareness Week begins today, providing New Yorkers statewide with opportunities to learn more about these pests and the various efforts underway to mitigate the problems they create.

The initiative offers free events and invasive species challenges every day through Friday, June 11, including daily webinars at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Invasive species are plants, animals, insects and pathogens that are non-native to an area and can cause serious harm to the environment, economy, agriculture, and public health. As a center for international trade, New York is particularly vulnerable.

In a release, State Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball said the initiative gives state residents, “including farmers and members of our agricultural community, a great opportunity to learn more about how they can play a part in protecting our natural resources.”

The Week is organized by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which researches, manages and combats the effects of invasive species, aquatic and forest-dwelling, and funds public educational programs.

New Yorkers interested in participating in Invasive Species Awareness week can for a list of events.

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