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One councilor's objection postponed vote on ReZone Syracuse

 A woman talks to reporters
Dylan Suttles
Syracuse Common Council Jennifer Schultz defended her objection to the adoption of ReZone Syracuse.

First District Common Councilor Jennifer Schultz says she objected to a vote because she thinks there are still some changes that need to be made.

“This objection is not a no vote," Schultz said. "I don’t think the whole document needs to go away. I do think there needs to be some refinement that really would make that ReZone something that I would be extremely proud of and that I know would do justice to the people.”

Schultz was the only councilor to object. She didn’t say why specifically, but her colleagues say they believe it has to do with a distinction involving landscaping. Second District Councilor Patrick Hogan says he’s disappointed with the delayed vote.

“A massive project in zoning that’s going to transform neighborhoods in this city to be derailed by a city counselor who feels that her definition of shrubbery is more important than the future of this city," Hogan said ... "I’ve never seen this in all my long history of the counsel. The enmity of this is just mind boggling.”

ReZone Syracuse has been in the works for more than seven years. The city itself hasn’t been rezoned since the 1960s. Councilor Jimmy Monto says that's been holding the city back and that rezoning is especially necessary with Micron’s arrival.

“We cannot be voting no to progress in this city," Monto said. "We have got to move. This is a city that has been through decades of stagnation and we’re growing and we need to move.”

Advocates of ReZone Syracuse say a change in zoning laws would also help aid the housing shortage and rejuvenate business districts.

The Common Council will now vote on the measure Friday.