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Affidavit shows Plattsburgh man planned to kill hospital officials

Robert Thibodeau
Plattsburgh City Police
Robert Thibodeau

More information has been released about the arrest of a Plattsburgh man accused of planning to kill officials at the local hospital.

Robert Thibodeau was arrested just before 9 o’clock Tuesday morning while enroute to the UVM Health Network CVPH Medical Center. Police had received a tip from his brother who said Thibodeau had called him and said he was going to the hospital and “all upper management were dead.” In an affidavit, his brother said Thibodeau had been fired as a senior electrician at the hospital that morning. He was taken into custody without incident.

Plattsburgh Police Chief Peter Mitchell says without the actions of the brother and arresting officers a very tragic scenario could have played out.

“Not only did we respond to the scene with Mr. Thibodeau but officers were coordinating with our other officers to have the exits blocked off to the hospital, on the roads so that people couldn’t make it in if the description of the vehicle did arrive at one of the entrances then he could have been hopefully stopped at that location too.”

Thibodeau has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon with the intent to use unlawfully against another. Police found a semi-automatic shotgun with a detachable magazine and live ammunition in his truck.