US Stocks Down Sharply 2 Days In A Row

After the huge sell-off yesterday and further losses in Asian and European markets, U.S. stocks fell again Thursday at the opening bell. The Dow dropped 130 points before recovering and climbing toward positive territory. Later in the day, though, stocks headed lower. On Wednesday, the Dow plunged more than 830 points as investors worried that rising interest rates might slow economic growth. The Federal Reserve has been gradually raising interest rates to less stimulative levels in response...

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Utica-area Congress member Claudia Tenney says the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico is not perfect, but is an improvement. The USMCA replaces NAFTA, fulfilling one of President Trump’s campaign promises. Tenney says the new deal will offer a big boost to Upstate New York’s dairy industry.  She’s already hearing from farmers who are eager for some relief.

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With Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination speeding toward a Senate confirmation vote, demonstrators descended on Washington, D.C., to declare their urgent opposition to his bid.

After Ten Years, Syracuse's ArtRage Gallery is Still Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Oct 4, 2018
Scott Willis/WAER News

It’s been ten years since the ArtRage Gallery on Hawley Avenue opened its doors, mounting exhibitions of progressive art that promote social awareness and maybe inspire resistance and change.  They held an anniversary gala Wednesday evening.

Syracuse Looks to Bounce Back Against Pittsburgh

Oct 4, 2018

Coming off of a heartbreaking loss in Death Valley, the Orange are looking to bounce back this Saturday. With 13 minutes remaining and a 10 point lead, it seemed as if Syracuse was in position to pull off another heroic win over Clemson. The Orange would spend the next 13 minutes witnessing one of the most talented running backs in the country, Travis Etienne, tear up their defense en route to a 27-23 Clemson win.

A high-ranking naval officer with roots in Central New York is spending a few days in his hometown, visiting students of all ages to talk about his long career in the Navy.

Time is ticking away this month for the current owners of Shoppingtown Mall to pay up on back taxes as Onondaga County prepares to potentially seize the property. The County has several choices on how to move forward with property, but the town of Dewitt is hoping that it doesn’t get auctioned off to private owners. 

Let's Cook Syracuse

It's the end of a long day, you finally get home and now you have to answer the age old question, "What's for dinner?"  Cooking doesn't have to be difficult and in fact it can be fun and enjoyable.

Michele Bellso from Let's Cook Syracuse stops by this week on The 315 to discuss what she's doing to help encourage others to enjoy their time in the kitchen. Also find out what makes Joe such an incredible chef(his words) and Kevin's one area of cooking competence

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The FBI's highly anticipated supplemental background check on Brett Kavanaugh was sent to the White House and Capitol Hill overnight, with senators set to review the report on Thursday in the final chapter of what has become a deeply acrimonious confirmation battle.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., announced the planned arrival of the report on Wednesday night and said all senators would get a chance to review it ahead of the next procedural milestones in the chamber.

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A Syracuse-based company filling a growing need in health care continues to grow and expand.  Nascentia Health provides in-home nursing care, other home health assistance, and elder care in both day-program and home settings. 

The trauma of sexual assault or harassment is not only hard to forget; it may also leave lasting effects on a woman's health. This finding of a study published Wednesday adds support to a growing body of evidence suggesting the link.


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