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Apple Festival Returns to Lafayette for 42nd Year

Lauren Winfrey/WAER News


  It’s no secret, in Central New York, the apple crop is king.

And the Lafayette area has long been recognized as one of the primary apple-producing regions in the state.

The Lafayette Apple Festival has grown to be a community favorite, and a celebration of agriculture, local businesses, and apples!

Barb Hamlin is the owner of Pied Piper Maple Farms, and one of the local vendors at the festival.

“I love the apple festival. I’ve been coming here for years… and I like to incorporate apples so, I made a new batch of maple apple butter.”

Credit Lauren Winfrey/WAER News
The Apple Festival was also an opportunity to teach about farming and agriculture.

  But apples are only one piece of the puzzle. The goal of festival organizers and vendors is to promote the importance of agriculture as a whole.  Erin Hull is a Cornell Cooperative Extension Agriculture Agent who spent her time discussing agriculture with everyone who visits her booth.

“Every generation is one generation removed from their food source, and everybody eats so it’s a good reminder… a friendly reminder that this is where your food comes from and you have to accept agriculture and the tractors on the road, and there’s a reason we’re out here doing that, and it’s to produce food.”

But for some, the festival is less about the business behind it, and more about food, and fun! Long time festival goer Dee Tanner says most people identify apples as a great resource in the area, what she enjoys most is the apple treats!

Credit Lauren Winfrey/WAER News

  “I think it’s the call of the apple fritter… we get that done first.”

This weekend’s was the 42nd annual Lafayette Apple Festival.