Black History Month Programming

Thursday February 4th @ 2pm- Witness: A Black History Month Special

-  A special hour-long edition of Witness History from the BBC World Service, bringing together some incredible interviews looking at the African-American experience. Told by people who were there, we hear stories that are fascinating, harrowing, and inspiring.

Wednesday February 10th @2pm  Tell It Like It Was Part 1

-       The series opens by traveling to the 1920s to hear how Black Americans fought for space on radio airwaves. Then, we hear about programs in the 1940s that dramatized issues and concerns in the Black community.

Thursday February 11th @2pm Tell it Like It Was Part 2

-       Jack Cooper's popular program in Chicago debuted in 1929; he helped pioneer the DJ format and was the first to air news and sports coverage for Black audiences. Al Benson came to Chicago from Mississippi in the '30s, and gave voice to the culture of the street. In the second part of the hour, we head to Memphis, Tennessee, where WDIA's earliest announcers included B.B. King. WDIA was the first station to have all-Black on-air talent

Monday February 15th @ 3pm Tell it Like It Was Part 3

-       This Black History Month series continues with stories from the 1940s onward, legendary Black deejays created unique, and ear-catching styles.

Tuesday February 16th @ 3pm Tell it Like It Was Part 4

-       Women -- both on and off the air -- have had substantial roles in the development and power of Black radio, including African American station ownership.

Tuesday February 23rd @ 8pm Songs for the Struggle Part 1

-  This special series takes a deep dive into the stories behind the music jazz musicians recorded that has called attention to the fight for Civil Rights. Part One of this series looks at Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Charles Mingus, and more.

Wednesday Febraury 24th @ 8pm Songs for the Struggle Part 2

- Part Two of  this Black History special series turns our attention to John Coltrane's epic "Alabama", and the story behind what prompted him to record it. We also hear about the works of Nina Simone, Cassandra Wilson, and Jazzmeia Horn.