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The Clinton Square Ice Rink Still Appears to Wed Central New Yorkers and Fun

  It's a gray late Saturday afternoon in Syracuse, the sun has been nowhere to be found in more than a week, the temperatures have not risen over the freezing point in at least that long, those that shovel the pavement they call their own are probably still more than a little bit sore, and the holidays that call for gift-giving and before that gift-wrapping are knock-knock-knocking at everybody's door.

Nobody will be skating at the Clinton Square rink, right?

Besides, the lure of that downtown parcel of slippery territory has long since worn off for Central New Yorkers, right? It's been 13 years now since this new configuration included the reflecting pool, all this concrete that could be boarded-in, rinked-over, if you may, for the winter-time pleasure of those who wish to strap on the blades and pretend they're back in the days when the Erie Canal used to cut through this part of our city and people could propel themselves over it in just this manner.

Ghost town amid the holiday lights, right?


A hundred happy skaters propelled themselves singly, in pairs or in bigger groups around the rink, big tree all aglow on the east end of the rink, buildings already lighted for the season on the north and south sides, rubber mats laid out so skaters could walk out to the ice with their rented blades obtained at the desk inside the Atrium.

Parents or friends or those merely downtown for a curious spell like me watched with amusement from the sides.

Shortly said, Clinton Square was hopping. Holiday music from a local station that is wall-to-wall holiday music floated down from the public address system like the snow that had and surely will again soon. Happy sounds echoed out from over the ice.

No skater I, instead I strolled around the outside in my shoes, soaking it all in, snapping photographs with my iPhone 6 to post with my blog here and on

As I decided my chilly fingers had had their fill of the moment and was walking back to the car, I spied a bridal party emptying from cars that had just pulled into the no-park zone beside the Atrium.

The bride was obvious from her attire. A photographer was obvious from the equipment. Men and women attendants, well-dressed but not that warmly dressed, wondered where to go.

The Clinton Square ice rink is surprisingly popular.

The rink is open every day, weather permitting, from 11 a.m. to  8 p.m. General admission is $3, $2 for children and seniors. Skate rental is $3. The phone number for information is 
(315) 423-0129.