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Salt City Coffee Credits Small Business Development Center for Cafe's Continued Success

John Smith/WAER News

The owners of a small business in Syracuse says they probably wouldn’t be celebrating their business' second anniversary if it was not for great coaching. Salt City Coffee owners Aaron and Maria Metthe always dreamed of opening a café, but had no business experience.

Aaron Metthe says it’s an incredible feeling to know the business is now a place that people enjoy.

"We have great coffee. In addition to that, we intentionally wanted to be near neighborhoods and not in a commercial district because we wanted to get to know our neighbors and offer a community gathering space." 

Onondaga Community College provided the resources and assistance to the pair with its Small Business Development Center.  Aaron Metthe also took the Fast Track to Business start-up class.  He says it opened his eyes to what a business needs in order to survive.

Credit John Smith/WAER News
Salt City Coffee is located on 509 West Onondaga St.

Aaron’s wife, Maria, pops in to the coffee shop on 509 West Onondaga St. when she can to help, but is more focused on community development and partnering with non-profits.

"We're always kind of pushing into the community on 'what's the need?' and how can Salt City, a coffee shop, be a part of that and help support the non-profits that are doing really good stuff here?"

More about resources and assistance for small business development is at