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Citizen Review Board Discussing Police Reform Amid Wisconsin Shooting

WAER File Photo

  The City of Syracuse continues to work toward improving police accountability as yet another unarmed black man was shot by police this week in Wisconsin.  Citizen Review Board administrator Ranette Releford says discussions are happening now on police reform that she thought wouldn’t come until much later, though nothing is final. 



“I think that we are making progress for at least having the conversations and having the meetings.” 


For example, common councilors recently discussed Right to Know legislation, which would require officers to identify themselves when interacting with the public, obtain permission for searches, among other provisions.  It’s already an executive order by Mayor Ben Walsh, though councilors want to codify it into law. 

Meanwhile, she says the CRB continues to try and strike a balance in its investigations by holding police accountable for questionable actions, while also shielding them from harassment and liability when they’re just doing their job. 


“How much information we release to the public, how much information we are able to discuss during public forums and things of that nature. You have to decide at that point in time which interest is going to serve the greater good.”  said Releford.


Releford encourages everyone to stay informed by following common council and CRB meetings virtually.  The CRB’s Next meeting is Thursday, September 3rd at 5:30.  Questions can be emailed to  Releford also regularly updates the board’s facebook page with information on policing.