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Syracuse University Announces 12th Chancellor

kent syverud
Micaela Mueller

On Thursday morning, the Syracuse University Board of Trustees announced that the search for Syracuse University's 12th Chancellor and President had come to a close. Kent Syverud is currently Dean of the School of Law at Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri.

In a Q & A session with reporters, Syverud thanked members of the community and spoke about how excited he was to be returning to the Syracuse area for his new role.

"It’s like a dream, and I have been pinching myself. Because you dream that you will do a lot of things when you're a kid...  You have no idea what a big deal Syracuse University was for me growing up, and for my family. It defined a lot of things, including education, college sports, spirit, and obviously family connections going way back here. So, it's just a dream, and I'm hoping to do my best at it."

As for his dual allegiances to both Syracuse and Georgetown, Syverud says, "Let's get the Georgetown thing behind us quickly, ok? I grew up in Syracuse and went to Georgetown from 1974 to 1977. I have rooted for Syracuse since I was a kid, while I was at Georgetown and since I was at Georgetown. I'm grateful to Georgetown for giving me a great Jesuit education... I'm very hopeful that Georgetown will can be a great and have the courage to face us every year in basketball."

Syverud spoke to the university community for the first time at Hendricks Chapel on Friday. Listen to a full recording of his address:

Syverud begins his official tenure as Chancellor on January 13, 2014. He will succeed Chancellor Nancy Cantor, who will become Chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark in January.

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