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OCC and SUNY ESF Sign Transfer Agreement for Seamless Path to Junior Status

John Smith

Onondaga Community College and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry signed an agreement today that will allow OCC students the opportunity to transfer to ESF as a junior. 

OCC President Dr. Casey Crabill says students will have the ability to take the necessary credits at the OCC prices so all credits transfer without taking on extra debt.

"This supports the transfer, but it also supports the clarity that allows students to carry their financial aid all the way through a bachelor's degree. Almost 74 percent of our students rely on some formof financial aid, so this makes a big deal difference."

Crabill says advisors play a crucial role in making this transition easier and financially feasible for students who wish to attend ESF.  Interim ESF President Dr. David Amberg says this program does a great job of developing people for their specific field of interest.

"The environmental sectors has seen a huge growth and need for workforce and workforce development.  Wehave 99 percent 6 month placement in jobs, 87 percent related to the field of study."

And, Amberg says, about three quarters of those students remain in New York.  He says the agreement is almost an extension of their existing outreach to Onondaga County’s 23 high schools, where they hear from students passionate about ESF’s programs.

"High school students in the area are able to get credit for ESF courses.  That program will be a great way to socialize this opportunity."

The new transfer agreement will offer OCC students a seamless pathway into 18 bachelor’s degree programs at ESF.