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FOCUS Greater Syracuse Survey asks Central New Yorkers what they Envision for the lake.

FOCUS Greater Syracuse

As Onondaga Lake visitors get to enjoy expanded amenities such as the West Lake Trail, County officials have previously indicated a beach could possibly be added someday.  A new survey released today asks Central New York Residents what they envision for the lake including recreational activities.  FOCUS Greater Syracuse is offering the online survey on their website.  Spokesperson Dee Klees says this is different from the other lake surveys they’ve conducted in the past.

“This one (survey) is specific to what activity or inactivity or whatever people want.  How the lakes’ waters should be used. What people want to see on the water or don’t see on the water of Onondaga Lake.”

Klees adds maybe the ideas are as simple as wishing for more wildlife such as eagles living in the habitat and flying about.  A presentation from County Environmental Officials today also stressed the need for residents to be aware of the roles they play in keeping the lake healthy after the recent dredging.

“The non-point source pollution that comes from litter, medications that get flushed down the toilet; the broad citizen effort that will be required to keep the lake clean in the future.”

Credit FOCUS Greater Syracuse
FOCUS Greater Syracuse

From what she’s witnessed, Klees says residents are very interested in Onondaga Lake when FOCUS holds presentations.

“I’m always amazed at the number of people that turn out for these lake hearings.  People often say that the environment isn’t a high priority, but by the turn-out from the people that come to these meetings, it’s obviously a high priority for people in Central New York.”

You can add your ideas or dreams of the future of the lake at Onondaga Lake