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Local Health Org Growing, has New HQ, as Home Health Care is More Important

Chris Bolt/WAER News

A Syracuse-based company filling a growing need in health care continues to grow and expand.  Nascentia Health provides in-home nursing care, other home health assistance, and elder care in both day-program and home settings. 

Vice President of Public Relations Kimberly Graf says what they do is a growing way people are getting their medical coverage.

“The whole dynamic of healthcare is changing.  I think it’s important for people to remember that home care plays a critical role in our nation’s healthcare system and the delivery of care.”

Part of the growth of home-care is related to people with chronic conditions wanting to stay at home.  But home medical visits can also shed light on a person’s medical conditions, in some cases more than a doctor’s office or emergency room visit.

“When we go in we can look in their refrigerator; we can see if they’re getting the food they need.  We can see if they need to climb stairs to get to their bedroom.  We can see those other challenges that really have an impact on the person’s total health.”

Graf adds it’s not just care for elderly or chronic patients; it can include lactation consulting, short-term rehab, end-of-life care, or other health conditions.  Nascentia cut the ribbon last month on a new 

Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News
The courtyard behind the facility can be used as part of the adult day program, which allows clients to get some social interaction rather than staying at home alone.

headquarters to coordinate their services over 48 counties.  Graf says the facility also added an adult day program for families to get a respite from caring for a relative at home.

“Rather than just staying at home, which again has its own benefits, they also get the advantage of social stimulation outside of their home setting.”

The growth of home care – and its increased acceptance by Medicare and other insurers – has created more of a market for the services.  And that’s led to a benefit to the job market.

“Recruiting is something that we’re always doing.  We are a system that has grown exponentially over the past few years.  But it’s certainly no secret to know that there’s a shortage of healthcare providers out there, in terms of the clinical staff that’s delivering that one-on-one care.”

Graf says Nascentia currently has about 600 employees …. And is currently recruiting nurses, home health aides, therapists and workers in the call-center and billing areas.