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Newly Vaccine Eligibile Immunocompromised Add Demand To County's Low Supply

Onondaga County Executive's Office

Immuno-compromised New Yorkers will become eligiblefor the COVID-19 vaccine next week. For Onondaga County and counties across the state, that means their little supply will have even greater demand. County Executive Ryan McMahon agrees immunocompromised people should be able to get a vaccine given how severely they've been affected by the virus.

However, eligibility does not mean there is a dose ready for everyone.

“Because you are eligible does not mean you will get a vaccine this week, next week, the following week or a month from now. It all depends on the supply that’s coming into the community,” said McMahon.

The county will get some redirected vaccine next week, and that will be reserved for immunocompromised people. McMahon said they do not know the quantity they will receive yet.

Once they do, they’ll have more logistic details on how to sign up for one of the earmarked doses.

“Dr. Gupta and I will figure that out when new have the number. We’re supposed to get that number later this week. The number of people that are going to become eligible are going to be a lot," said McMahon. "So we want to hear from doctors and work with doctors. Who are your most at risk patients?”

The county plans to accept a doctor’s not, self-attestation, prescriptions and potentially other forms of proof of having an underlying condition. McMahon said more information on that will also be announced later this week.

Katie Zilcosky is WAER’s All Things Considered host and features reporter. She also co-hosts WAER’s public affairs show Syracuse Speaks. As a reporter, she focuses on technology, economy, and identity.