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Syracuse Continues to be a Hot Spot for Canadian Tourists
Everson Museum

The Syracuse area has been experiencing a tourism boom lately, and we may have the Canadians to thank for that.  Destiny U-S-A Spokesperson David Aitken says that one out of four of their products are sold to “across-the-border” tourists.


”For us, it’s about the excitement of attracting customers to Destiny, to enjoy our great facility, but also to stay at area hotels, and to take in our great cultural destinations: the Erie Canal Museum, the Everson, the Onondaga Historical Association, or our great parks, or our great sports teams.”

Destiny U-S-A is not the only one benefiting from the Canadian tourists. Executive Director of the Everson Museum Steven Kern says that the support from across the border has caused them to begin advertising internationally.

“It’s that proximity that, I think, makes it easier. Also, the realities of what they’re allowed for spending and purchasing here in the United States to take back to Canada and as that has become more generous we certainly are better off and there is motivation to come here and take advantage of what we have to offer.”

Tourism in Onondaga County directly generates 361 million dollars of payroll income and supports nearly 17 thousand jobs.