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Move to Amend Spokesperson to Appear in Syracuse

Move to Amend website.

A national Democracy Activist speaking tonight (6/2/2014) in Syracuse is hoping to keep the momentum going for a movement to end Corporate Personhood.  In essence, he says it provides for the same rights as humans.  Move to Amend Spokesperson David Cobb says the problem is that several laws safeguard corporations through constitutional rights.

“That’s the kicker.  The corporation is merely an artificial entity created under law; it does not have any rights.   And when the courts have created this idea that corporations have constitutional rights; what it means is that corporate lawyers can go into court and challenge any democratic law.”

Cobb adds that practically any law imaginable that is really intended as a political decision for humans, in essence, becomes a question under constitutional law and decided by a judge instead.  He says the rights of human beings cannot be violated by the political process.

“I’m not talking about issues.  Like there’s going to be disagreements on political issues and that’s as it should be.  We should have a rigorous but, respectful debate on issues.  But the principal of a democratic republic, that’s something we as a people actually agree on.  Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, a Green, a Libertarian, an Independent, there is widespread agreement on that.” 

Cobb says various polls indicate that more than 80 percent of Americans are in agreement with changing the legal rights of corporations.  He’s speaking tonight (6/2/2014)  from 7 to 9 PM at Plymouth Congregational Church in Syracuse at 232 East Onondaga Street near AXA Towers.