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Dewitt Police Try to Stop a Surge in Burglaries



  A recent string of home burglaries continues to worry residents in the town of Dewitt.  Local police are trying to stop this unusual crime spree.

The three break-ins in the Town of DeWitt this week alone are indicative of a trend that has been increasing since early this summer. Dewitt Police Lieutenant John Anton says the houses have been broken into at times of the day people are not typically home. He says it is possible one group could be behind the burglaries… and many of them seem to follow a pattern.

"If somebody does answer the door, they say 'I’m here for your flat screen TV you have listed on Craig’s List.'  Then people will inadvertently say, 'well I have a flat screen TV but I didn’t put it on Craig’s list.'  Maybe the next day or the next evening they may come back and take that item.  In essence they are casing out that area or that particular house.”

Lieutenant Anton says the DeWitt police are doing everything in their power to catch those responsible. Residents are being told by police to adopt a more cautious mentality to protect themselves and their property. Anton says traditionally lax attitudes about home security are one of the main elements that must change:

“Some people to this day don’t lock their doors, leave their lights on at night.  We tell residents if your car is parked out in the driveway, lock that, and show that your house is lived in and you are home.”

Lieutenant Anton says the department is pooling its resources, using both marked and unmarked cars, as well as working with departments in the surrounding areas to better monitor the town. He also says the department is using multiple strategies to help the residents secure their homes, such as teaching members of the community how to form and join neighborhood watch organizations in an effort to prevent future break-ins.