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Healthy Minded for 2021? Have You Considered Your Liver? Local Research Lab Wants You To

Clarity Clinical Research

Central New Yorkers who are setting new goals to improve their health in 2021 might want to take a free clinical test to see if their liver is healthy.  Clarity Clinical Research is offering 500 adult residents to get a free ultrasound known as Fribroscan to potentially undercover any issues.  Director Lisa Sonneborn says studies show that up to 25 percent of Americans may not even know they are in the beginning stages of fatty liver disease.

“The pressing issue here is that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can continue to progress and worsen and can become what we call non-alcoholic Steato Hepatitis.”

Sonneborn says they’re especially looking for people who have any risk factors such as diabetes or pre-diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and high triglycerides.  The ultrasound test takes about 20 minutes.

“And that scan can let them know whether or not they may have the start of these fatty changes in the liver.”

Sonneborn adds if a person is struggling with weight issues such as a BMI (Body Mass Index) of more than 30, they could also be a candidate. 

“It’s often silent, meaning you don’t really necessarily have symptoms or markers of the disease until it becomes more sever in nature.  We’re trying to kick-off 2021 and ask people to get involved from a preventative standpoint with their health and find out if this could be something that could be affecting them.  Especially, folks with those metabolic risk factors.”   

Men who drink no more than two alcoholic drinks daily or women who have no more than one alcoholic drinks daily may also qualify for the test.  Also, individuals with any implanted devices in their chest or abdomen won’t be able to participate.  To schedule a free liver screening online click here or give them a call at (315) 760-5905.  Wegmans is also tossing in a $10 store gift card to participants.