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City Leaders Promise More Actions at Skyline Apartments to Quell Safety & Health Concerns

Chris Bolt/WAER News

  Mayor Ben Walsh is promising more actions to improve the safey and health at the embattled Skyline Apartments in Syracuse.

After the suspected murder of a 93-year-old resident, the Skyline Apartment complex has come under scrutiny, bringing more attentoin to numerous past complaints. Walsh and Syracuse Police have taken action to hold the property owners accountable, such as requiring the presence of police officers at the building.


“Since starting that detail, SPD has made 11 arrests and that includes 8 misdemeanors and 10 violations along with 2 warrant arrests. We issued our nusance abatement notice that requires significant and sustained security investments and we have a hearing scheduled for that. The third action was taking action in the state supreme court on code compliance and we are awaiting a hearing date on that.” said Walsh.


The Green family, who owns the Skyline Apartment building along with other housing units across Syracuse, will be taking on the additional cost off staffing the officers. Syracuse Police Chief Kenton Buckner notes that the price tag has come up in negotiations with the property owners. 


“But I would say we didn’t get into this situation with one incident. We pushed back on this statement about that being one picture. That is mismanagement. That is conditions that no one should be living in. We are going to continue to apply this pressure.” said Buckner.


Syracuse Director of Code Enforcement Jake Dishaw says though, the actions taken in relation to enforcing housing codes are no different than any other building owner would face.


“Our activity and our enforcement are minimum standards that all landlords and management companies have to meet city-wide. This isn’t special to the Greens or Green National. Most of our landlords and owners throughout the city are meeting these standards.” said Dishaw.


According to Walsh, complaints about the property and other Green-owned properties are nothing new. He describes the process as an action of “hand-to-hand” combat, where sustained investments in the properties are needed over quick fixes.