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Onondaga County sees 40 overdoses in 48 hours

An orange box, a tube with a yellow cap, and a tube holding naloxone wit ha purple cap sit against a white background
Intropin (Mark Oniffrey)
Wikimedia Commons
Naloxone or Narcan can be used to reverse the effects of an overdose.

The Onondaga County Health Department issued a public health alert Friday after reporting approximately 40 suspected overdoses in the last two days.

This spike occurred in the 48-hour period between March 29 and March 31.

Reports in the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP) show a concentration in the North and West sides of the city of Syracuse. There have also been sporadic events in the Liverpool and Brewerton areas.

Reports are linking some overdoses to drugs sold in wax bags with a blue teddy bear stamped on them.

The OCHD reminds people to test drugs using fentanyl testing strips. These strips are free to the public through OCHD's confidential Narcan and Test Strip Request Line. You can reach them by calling or texting 315-418-5365.

Maurice is a sophomore student at Syracuse's Newhouse School, majoring in Broadcast and Digital Journalism. He has been a student producer with WAER since February 2023.