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The Grand at Chittenango: Getting Tech-y With It

Nicole Link/Full Scale Media

Residents staying at a Central New York rehabilitation and nursing center can now get the all-access treatment guests receive while staying at hotels. The Grand at Chittenango is implementing a unique mobile app and concierge service that allows guests to do everything from requesting room service to creating social calendars. Administrator Fredrick Deck says the program will help guests navigate the facility and stay connected with their families.

"We're able to have 80 guests here; 55 or 60 of those guests are long-term residents, but we also send a lot of people home. They come of short stays and the first thing they ask is, 'Do you have free phone, free cable and free WiFi?'"

The Grand is hoping the new system will ease the minds of baby boomers who will soon deal with having their parents, and themselves, stay in assisted living facilities. Director of Admissions Trish Dreimiller says the app will help to take away the loneliness of living in a nursing home. With access to FaceTime residents can see family members regularly, and even attend family functions virtually.

"They can't leave to go to California for a wedding or something, but they can do it this way. And it improves their quality of life significantly."

Credit Nicole Link/Full Scale Media
The grand Healthcare System concierge page

A few guests will be given iPads to test the program before it expands to the rest of the facility. Short-term guest Cecelia Adams is looking forward to reconnecting with her family and watching some Netflix.

"I'm really looking forward to having Netflix. To have such choice and be able to see all the different movies and TV shows -- and catch up on some things. It'll be fantastic. I've got a smartphone so I do have some accessibility to some things, but this is going to make it so much better."

Adams will be one of the eight guests to receive an iPad when the program launches later this week at the Chittenango location. The Grand will be implementing the system into all five of its facilities. 

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