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Local Activists Raise Money To Take Kids To See The Black Panther

Rhazi Seals

Black Lives Matter Syracuse is raising money to take more than 300 children to see the movie The Black Panther. Organizers say its important children of color see the latest superhero movie from Marvel.

Organizer Rahzi Seals says inspiration for the event came from her five-year-old nephew, who loves the Avengers superheroes. 

"But he notices they don’t look like him," she says. "So when I introduced him to Black Panther he got excited because it’s a superhero that looks just like him. And that gave me an idea of maybe we should have a lot of kids go to this film."

The Black Panther is the first superhero movie to have an all-black cast and a black director.

Fellow organizer Herve Comeau added, "Now more than ever its important to change the narrative around blackness."

He says they want children of color to see this movie because The Black Panther is a Black character in an empowering and positive role.

"When people who look like you are constantly typecast as criminal or drug addict, it’s exciting to see something different, it’s exciting to see a hero who looks like you, even in a fictional universe. For a lot of us it’s a seminal moment it’s exciting. We have a depiction of blackness that is noble, he’s brilliant, he’s a king."

The money will go to tickets, a small drink, and a popcorn for each child. The group is still raising money. You can support their efforts on their YouCaring account.