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City of Syracuse and Onondaga County Take Steps Toward Approving Lake Lounge Project

Final approvals are falling into place for an attraction at the convergence of the city’s Onondaga Creekwalk and the county’s Loop the Lake trail.  Syracuse Common Councilors Monday approved $500,000 toward the Onondaga Lake Lounge project, at the end of the creekwalk near Destiny USA. 

The state will reimburse the city, and the county will take the lead on the project.  Councilor Michael Greene says it’s a unique opportunity. 

"The construction of both of them go on at the same time, so the city has always hoped to have some main attraction at the end of the creekwalk project there so this is what the lake lounge is going to be essentially...  you know, a place where you could sit after a run, after a walk, after a bike ride." 

Digital rendering of Lake Lounge Project

Plans call for the Loop the Lake trail to make its way along the southeastern side of the lake this year to the location of the new lounge.  Construction could begin this spring, and will likely include tiered seating and an overlook deck.  Greene says it’ll be a key attraction on the creekwalk, which is being extended on the city’s south side and valley.

"I view it as a key asset for the city of Syracuse. It essentially runs down almost the center of the city and to be able to have a natural recreation walkway like that, for recreation but also for transportation too, and that if you have a bike and you're on the south side and you want to go downtown, it's just a pleasant way to travel."

Credit City of Syracuse
On this map of creekwalk, the Lake Lounge would be located at Point "A" on the upper left.

Also Monday, a committee of Onondaga County lawmakers agreed to accept the city’s $500,000 deposit for the lake lounge project.


Onondaga County’s plan to extend the Loop the Lake trail on the southeast shore of Onondaga Lake appear to be gaining momentum.  The Legislature’s Ways and Means Committee discussed two separate projects today… one by the county and the other by the City of Syracuse located near Murphy’s Island.  Office of the Environment Director Travis Glazier says the projects will blend well with the city’s planned observation point.

"So, the county has a southeast extension of the Loop the Lake trail, which is under permit reveiw by the DEC currently, but would look to move forward with construction in the Spring. And, the city has a lake lounge project which is at the end of the city's creekwalk which is also under permit review, currently."

Glazier says the Department of Environmental Conservation would oversee the project and determine if soil that’s dug needs to be remediated.  He says projects on the southeast end will play a key role to finish the Loop the Lake Trail.

Credit File Photo
This aerial map of Loop the Lake trail extension shows the Lake Lounge at the far left edge.

"At some point or another, there will be a project that runs parallel to the shoreline, either along 370 or along the waterway, but this project, currently the southeast extension, allows for the next project to come together."

The cost for the county’s portion is $500,000 and still needs to be approved by the full legislature. 

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