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#NotAgainSU Movement Re-Emerges, Occupies Crouse-Hinds Hall

Matthew Hassan

Update 2/18/2020 7:10 AM:

Students with the group #Not Again SU who refused to leave the University’s Administrative Office building last night to observe the hours of operation have been referred to the Office of Student rights and Responsibilities. 

That’s according to a campus email from the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Keith Alford and VP of the Student Experience Rob Hradsky… several University leaders engaged with the students for more than 9 hours in what they call “a productive and respectful manner” on Monday.  However, they say the students who refused to leave the administrative building by the 9 PM closing time were cited for violating the Campus Disruption Policy.  Alford and Hradsky go on to say that “no students are being suspended for protesting.”  They acknowledged the students have changing demands and some had an unwillingness to engage constructively.  In the meantime, the say an Independent Advisory Panel with nationally renowned experts on issues of safety, diversity and inclusion is on campus this week to engage with the SU Community.



A handful of #NotAgainSU organizers are occupying the Crouse-Hinds Administration Building demanding more action from university officials. The building’s windows and walls are covered with signs saying “black lives matter” and “end racism”  after what they see as inaction by the administration to racist incidents that began in November.  Organizers acknowledge that it takes time to implement policy and make change.  But an unidentified #NotAgainSU member says it’s important to keep students informed with updates.

"How do we know that they're actually taking steps? There's been no tangible progress, update-wise... They can let us know what they've [done] progress-wise, if they want to be more transparent. They obviously have not done so."

Credit Matthew Hassan / WAER News
Students demand transparency from administration.

The organizer said when they receive updates, they’re not always reliable. He adds that the administration has claimed their plan to build multicultural learning communities in residence halls was complete. But so far, he claims only one more was added, for a total of two out of SU’s twenty four dorms.  #NotAgainSU is also still pushing for the resignation of four top administrators, including Chancellor Kent Syverud.

"That's something that we're adamantly fighting for, because we believe that systemic change will actually happen because these administrators who have been here for at least five years have obviously been complicit in this. This is not an occurrence that has happened one time."

Credit Matthew Hassan
#NotAgainSU occupies Crouse-Hinds Hall to protest the administration

Organizers are making a new list of demands for administration to agree to.  An Independent Advisory Panel created by SU leaders will meet with students, faculty and staff this week through a series of listening sessions.  This follows 20 dialogue sessions hosted by committee members last week. 

Credit Scott Willis / WAER News
A handful of protesters gathers in the lower lobby of Crouse Hinds. At lower right, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Keith Alford speaks with students.