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Onondaga County Coronavirus Cases Rise by 23, 8 People Listed in Critical Condition

Justin Sayles
Onondaga County

Onondaga County added 23 Coronavirus cases on Saturday over Friday's numbers.  County Executive Ryan McMahon acknowledged that everyone's patience has been tested by having to social distance for this extended period.  However, he advised that staying at home is the best thing to do right now while the virus is still all too active.

"We know there are more positives out there but, we're talking about 20 individuals in the hospital right now; 8 in critical condition who are most likely on some sort of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) ventilator."

Three individals have also been dischared from the hospital because their health improved. Out of an estimated 2,800 test results that have been returned; about 5.2 percent of people have tested postive for Covid 19.  The County Executive feels that he'll be able to provide the public with a better understanding of whether the area is making progress with flattening the curve of infection on Monday.  That's when he expects to learn of a significant amount of testing results and if things will really "flatten out." 

McMahon also gave a breakdown of the demographic of those with the Coronvirus right now: 25 percent are under the age of 30; 40 percent under age 40; 73 percent are under age 60; and 27 percent are over 60 years-old.  The City of Syracuse has 47 cases and outside of the city, the highest number of suburban Covid 19 cases are located in Clay at 19, Cicero with 14 and the Town of Salina with 12 cases.

The County Executive asked for the public's continued cooperation to use common sense social distancing.  He also reminded people that some residents are fighting for their lives and reminded young people to do their part to stop feeding the virus by social distancing, staying at home and letting it die out.

"So, please be part of the solution.  Don't take liberties that are no longer really afforded to the public at large.  And for many people, it's not (a matter of) if they get sick.  It's almost for younger people, if you get sick, who else gets sick?  Even though the data now is showing that younger people are getting sick and depending on how bad this case is, they're having a hard time, as well."

He gave a shout out to Syracuse University College Student Patrick Penfield from Radisson who is under mandatory quarantine after becoming ill with the Coronavirus after he returned home from Europe.  He noted that Penfield is setting a great example and others should do the same if they're feeling ill.  Right now, 6 young people under the age of 19 have the virus while 31 20-somethings have it and 21 people are in their 30's... and 24 in their 40's.  25 county residents who have it are in their 50's and 19 are in their 60's, 16 in their 70's, 3 in their 80's and 1 in their 90's.  McMahon says some people are about to come out of quarantine and the County Health Commissioner Dr. Indu Gupta will be discussing with CDC officials about the protocols involved which will be released publicly next week.

As milder temperatues are forecasted, McMahon reminded ice cream stand owners to develop ways so that people aren't forming long lines in close proximity while waiting to order.  He also surprisingly said that New York State has allowed golf courses to remain open during this time but, that he imagined protocols are place.