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Syracuse Police Charge 16 Year-old Suspect in the Death of a 13 Year-old Girl from Auburn, NY

John Smith / WAER News

Syracuse Police say the 13 year-old girl who was stabbed and killed just before 6 PM Monday night is from Auburn.  A local 16 year-old girl from Syracuse has been charged with first degree manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.  Investigators have determined some sort of physical disturbance led up to the fatal stabbing in the 1200 of West Onondaga Street. 

Police Chief Kenton Buckner says the suspect was taken to a juvenile detention facility in Erie County.  He’s asking for the community to help reach out to kids.

“The challenge that these kids have requires a collective response… if the parents could do it solely by themselves, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

On the other hand, Deputy Mayor Sharon Owens explains sometimes a lack of a better support system for raising kids and what they observe from adults is to blame for when youth react violently.

“… But, we are out there going after each other everyday.  So how do we expect, as Helen (Hudson) puts it… babies to be able to process the anger that they’re feeling when adults don’t do it.  The model that we’re asking for… for our children is the model we have to SET… ourselves.” 

Credit John Smith / WAER News


Mayor Ben Walsh echoed Owen’s comments.  His says his administration is currently finalizing programs with secured federal dollars to address the violence. The Mayor calls the investment “robust” to support the lives of children and families.  Police released the identity of the 13 year-old victim from Auburn as Naj’ee Wright.  Anyone with information is asked to call (315) 442-52-22.